We CANNOT treat the following:


Current history of skin cancer, including:

Malignant melanoma.

Recurrent non-melanoma skin cancer.

Pre-cancerous lesions i.e.

Multiple dysplastic nevi.


Any active infection.


Metal plates and pins in area being treated.


Photosensitive diseases i.e.

Herpes Simplex.

Systemic Lupus Erthematosus.



Electrical Implants such as pacemakers.


Use of Photosensitive medications or herbs.


Immunosuppressive diseases/medications i.e.




Patient History of hormonal or endocrine disorders i.e.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (can be treated but results vary and cannot be guaranteed).


Diabetes (unless under control.)


History of bleeding, coagulopathies or use of anticoagulants.


History of Keloid scarring.


Exposure to sun or artificial tanning, including self tanning lotions, 6 weeks prior to treatment.


Pregnant or nursing patients.




Areas that should not be treated:


Over moles.

Fragile and dry skin (through use of glycolic, AHAs etc).

Over tattoos or semi-permanent make up.

Over recent surgery, a deep peel or laser resurfacing.